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We are Everything But The Camera, a Marketing Team focused on helping you create, curate, and manage your online Marketing goals. We have worked with Brands and Companies from all over the world and look forward to putting our expertise to work to help you reach the audience you’ve always wanted.


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EBTC Helped us launch our site and all of our social media, this gave us time to create more products while they took care of all the marketing and videos. LOVED IT
Tom from EBTC helped me achieve my goals of reaching more people with my motivational speaking, without him I’d still be some dude on the internet
— Zack "Pitbull" Ruhl
Everything but the camera helped launch our business with a bang. They made our site and even consulted with us on a killer marketing plan for all social platforms.
— Miracle Maker Housekeeping
Tom over at EBTC helped us with all our photos and videos for our new products and even gave us a clear plan on how to market them successfully on Amazon.
— Aidan Alcantar



“We take the stress out of Marketing. With a proven track record that results in Sales and Engagement, we strive to always put our clients needs first. We’re here for you day or night to capture and implement your vision.”

Tom Contreras - Owner


About Us

We Are Everything But The Camera

With 15+ years of experience in Video Production and Marketing we have worked hard to build a team of talented individuals who can capture your vision and execute your marketing plans to better serve your customers. We enjoy speaking with every client about what they need and want and use our experience to have an action plan ready as soon as possible. We have more than 1.3 Million people checking out what we do on line every week and we are proud to show off our work.