EBTC Services


Social Media Management

We can take your existing, or brand new social media accounts, and post to them daily. Here at Everything But The Camera we use the same techniques is took to grow to an audience of over 300,000 and we implement that into your business social media accounts.

We’ve done and seen it all.

When we plan out a new campaign for clients we have a team of people coming up with the best way to market your specific product or business, with 15+ years of experience we have ran into the good, the bad, and the ugly, and can come up with ideas to market it for you. And we make everything look good.


 Website Building

Need a website for your new or existing business? Want to start selling your own products online? We can make that dream come true, from basic portfolio websites all the way to having your customers ordering food from you, we have the know how to get any website built for you


E Commerce - Selling Online

We have loads of experience building E-commerce sites for businesses. We even have experience selling on other platforms like Ebay and Amazon, so be sure to bring this up if your looking to sell online.

Content Creation

Don’t have the time to shoot photos or videos for your business? We have tons of commercial experience shooting everything from full production to short clips of cute animals. We have the equipment and know how to capture amazing content for your marketing.



Looking to distinguish your company from your competitors? We can develop your image from the logo all the way to your slogan and help you stand out from the crowd. Become known for your products or services by having a clear strategy and plan that helps you stay on Brand


We can sit with your marketing team to take any existing plans and revamp it to achieve the next level you’ve been wanting. Get noticed out there on the vast online marketplace.


Influencer Marketing

Looking to have a big name in your niche promoting your product or service? We have ties to influencers in almost any niche and can negotiate deals on your behalf and get you in front of the largest crowds possible.